A Season of Song: United in Song!

Welcome to A Season of Song. We’re here to support you in singing in your community, and to help you share it with the world. We started A Season of Song as a way of managing a caroling event in the Oakland/Berkeley/East Bay area that had gotten too big for comfort. We decided to create a template that folks could use to create singing events in their own neighborhoods, and to share the results in a way that we could all see. Thus, A Season of Song was born.

For a step-by-step tutorial on creating a community singing event, please watch our video. Feel free to share it far and wide. Here’s a link. Then, when it’s time to get out and sing, document your event and share it on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or the social media platform of your choice, with the hashtag #aseasonofsong. Our Facebook group will be a place for folks to post videos of their events, or to post times and dates of community singing events. We’ll also post videos and announcements here (not everyone is on Facebook) if you send us a message at aseasonofsong@ebcmp.org.

Check this space for updates, tips and tricks, events, and postings. Now get singing!